Theater Festival Schwindelfrei - Schiller

Schwindelfrei – Free Theater Days is a project of the City of Mannheim, Cultural Affairs Department,  in cooperation with the theatre house TiG7,Theater Oliv ,Theater Felina -Areal and zeitraumexit .

During its first year Schwindelfrei took  place during the 15th International Schiller Festival.

Schiller's stay in Mannheim from 1782 to 1785 was a far-reaching cultural highligh in the city's history with an extensive outcome. The International Schiller Festival created by the  National Theater Mannheim emphasizes Schiller’s tradition.

The Free Theater Days Schwindelfrei are releasing a creative impulse into the free theatres scene of this land and are enriching the cultural landscape of Baden-Württemberg  with their concept of a thematic premiere of a  festival  in the Schiller year of 2009.

 Project management : Susanne Brauer

Assistance : Marcella Sica

 PDF Programm 2009