barth&schneider und Sternx2 (Mannheim) : R + J. 2066 // Theaterperformance

All cultural areas of Mannheim are empty or transformed. The National Theatre's seminar room, the Kunsthalle exhibition grounds. The Herschel indoor swimming pool and all saunas are closed. Enjoyment, eroticism and art are banned and labeled as "uneconomic waste". The transhumanists are in power in a society that is dominated by ultra-capitalism and technical efficiency. And yet there are opponents and lateral thinkers. These groupings form stirings underground. They meet secretly, under heavy penalties, in abandoned galleries, sexshops or cellars and find new ways and means to attend performances of strictly forbidden plays - like Romeo and Juliet, this piece full of meaningless emotion and uneconomical passion.

In Romeo and Juliet in 2066, the four artists broach an experiment à la Stanislav Lem, the progressive loss of body and physicality in our clinical, digitized society, leading the audience into a dystopian-bizarre underground theater experience.

Play: Isabelle Barth / Direction: Nicole Schneiderbauer (barth&schneider)

Accouterment: Miriam Busch / Lichtdesign, Installation: Damian Chmielarz (STERNx2)

barth&schneider // Artist collective.

The nationwide acting artists' collective barth&schneider was founded by Isabelle Barth and Nicole Schneider Bauer in Mannheim in the year  2011. Barth&schneider is working in close relation with artist of different disciplines, studying human topics, improvising and experimenting in an open community sample process. This results in sensory perception spaces between theater, performance and choreography. Barth & schneider stands for an immediate encounter -  powerful, close and direct.

STERNx2 - Mannheimer artist collective

Founded by Damian Chmielarz and Miriam Busch with the aim to create a space for innovative ideas and visions of 2005. In the  Atelierhouse H7, 15, in downtown Mannheim, the work of STERNx2 started the event series "CLUB DISCO" that has artists, musicians and other visionaries offer an exhibition and presentation platform. Regular participation in the "Night of Museums" has also made available to the works about as part of large-scale group exhibitions, a wide audience. Since 2015 STERNx2 continue their work in the "Invite" in the Neckarstadt West.

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