Inka Neubert (Mannheim) : Dominium Terrae // Performance

In the morning we discuss with pebbles in a stream and in the afternoon we are in a meadow and talk to  the grass to find out how nature would cooperate with us. The performative installation dominium terrae designs an alternative future landscape in which our environment has personal rights. Based on the biblical mandate "subdue the earth" (Gen. 128), the artist wonder whether the rule order is not to rather be understood in the sense of herding task superior. Does earth already communicate with us and is climate change her message? In Bolivia, New Zealand and Brazil lands, rivers and forests have rights. What if the whole world would follow suit? The media and filmmakers Norbert Kaiser and decorator Lydia Rakutt will transform this new world in a walkable labyrinth of projections through which the audience is guided by three performers.


Concept/ Director: Inka Neubert, Text: Carsten Brandau, Video: Norbert Kaiser Ausstattung: Lydia Rakutt

Inka Neubert is a director and producer, was twice the recipient of the Cologne Theatre Prize and in 2004 the winner of the festival prize Theaterzwang. From 2010 until 2015 she was the artistic director of the Mannheim theater house TiG7. The text is written by the Hamburg author Carsten Brandau, who was awarded with several theatre and radio prizes, most recently the MülheimKinderstückePreis 2015.