Peter Hinz & Julie Pécard (Mannheim) : Selene 6.6. // Dance Theatre

How does music sound, how will the dance of the future progress? What new relationship patterns, moods and situations await us when ordinary people meet machines that are perfect imitations? The Performance Selene 6.6 by Julie Pécard, Peter Hinz and Uwe Topmann go about these issues playfully and with a very specific story: The year 2066 is highly technological. This also impacts the arts. Already there are  music programs that are directly connected to the brain of the composer. Androids display a perfect dance with a touch of a button. And although there are still some of them, young, independent street artists have to create very special to inspire their audience. One of them booked a magical dance robot for a supposedly stunning live event. But already, rehearsals of the two do not run according to plan. Something disturbs the artistic process preventing the much desired perfection. Have human emotions snuck into the immaculate dancers body? Can it be a feeling like love mucking out of the blue?

Concept and Performance: Peter Hinz und Julie Pécard
Dramaturgy: Uwe Toppman
Scenery and Light: Stefan Schneider

Julie Pécard, Peter Hinz and their artistic partner Uwe Topmann work at the intersection of dance, drama and music. They brought together different projects in different functions and configurations, including the productions TanzTrommel,  Mannheimification and PURE. Now with Selene 6.6 they are developing a joint project.