Sharanya Ramprakash und Swetanshu Bora (Bangalore) : The Bangalore Bureau of Future Information® // Theatre

They are the people who live in Bangalore. They have radically different dreams for the year 2066. Bangalore was once a sleepy South Indian town with lots of parks and lakes, which in a few years has grown into a metropolis. In the "Silicon Valley" of India, this unplanned megacity generates billions of dollars while simultaneously drowning in traffic jams and poisoned waterways. Director and actress Sharanya Ramprakash heads out with her collegue  Swetanshu Bhora and a camera, looking for a range of people who live in this place: an old physicist, a student, a transsexual, a Rishka driver, a Hindu priest, a dying man and a fortune teller tell the camera what they wish for in the year 2066. Through these video interviews, The Bangalore Bureau of Future Information® explores the contradictions between the realities of today and the different dreams for tomorrow.

"And yet that’s what drives us, despite traffic, war, tragedy and boredom, it makes living worthwhile - this wild hope."

By and with: Sharanya Ramprakash, Swetanshu Bora / Video Design & Editing: Bharath MC


Sharanya Ramprakash is a director, an actress and author from Bangalore. In the last nine years she has realized plays in different languages, for companies and villages in contemporary and traditional forms.