EX MACHINA (OV with subtitles)

This psychologically dense sci-fi film captivates viewers through polished performances,consistent styling that shuns exaggerated special effects and an elaborate script ensuring high suspense.

GB 2015; 108 minutes; Direction Alex Garland / Actors Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander u.a. / PG 12-rated film

Wednesday, 25 May, 20:30, Atlantis Kino

For one semester, students at the American Studies faculty at Mannheim University examined different perspectives on the future of America. Their academic results will be exhibited and discussed in the foyer of the Atlantis Kino.

Wednesday, 25 May, 20:30, Atlantis Kino, 5€
in cooperation with Mannheim University and Atlantis Kino.