Matthew Day Jackson: In seach of ... Eidolon

All 'In Search of ... ' series are Matthew Day Jacksons's new productions based on the 1970s historical TV series of the same name, moderated by Leonard Nimoy, which sought answers to historical inconsistencies and paranormal phenomena. The works are linked to Jackson's long-term film project 24 Hours of Television, an ongoing critical adaptation of formats from the American entertainment industry initiated by the artist in 2010.

Set against an anthropomorphic background, the first episode “In Search of ... Eidolon” treats the differing perspectives of humans on the world and the individual's self-reflection with respect to his environment. In this episode, the mysterious disappearance of the artist Matthew Day Jackson brings to light a black box with unimaginable signs and questions about humanity that are possibly linked to the astonishing 'Eidolon find', a collection of artifacts found in house construction, the precise age and original purpose of which pose enigmas for the moderator. Instead of clarifying paranormal phenomena, a  re-mystification of the world is initiated in the form of a parody of the original historical television series.

Wednesday 01. June until Sunday 05. June 2016, 12-6pm , Port 25

© Matthew Day Jackson
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth